Thursday, January 31, 2013

Third time’s the charm?

Greetings to anyone who may still be following this.  Not only is it embarrassing that the past two Januaries I have written about writing more, I am ashamed that my last post was about not posting and a promise of forthcoming posts that week.  All I can say is that the desire was there, but the focus and follow-through were obviously not present.  
I can offer up a litany of excuses (I purchased my home, started regularly dating someone, my home computer broke and then when I got it back my internet service was out for nearly a month, my soul and desire to further my career was being crushed by He Who Must Not Be Named at work, and/thus, I work at a new library), but the truth is even when I had the time and physical ability I couldn’t get motivated enough to do it.  Or I would sit in front of my laptop in a slightly depressed fog without any idea of what to write about (did I mention that for eight hours a day I had to share a workspace with He Who Must Not Be Named?).  I knew that I missed the practice, but I didn’t do anything about it.  
While I have always considered my life to be filled with I Love Lucy-esque adventures, I think that it’s safe to say that probably a lifetime of experiences (several of them less I Love Lucy and more Days of Our Lives) like have been mooshed into the past three years.  That said, I don’t want these hurdles to prevent me from doing something that I enjoy.  Nothing in this blog has ever been particularly noteworthy, but it was a small outlet for my creative urges.  Although I wasn’t doing any “serious writing,” that I felt that it was a form of exercise and I’d like to endeavor another (or third) crack at it. 
Soooo I’ve revamped things once again and, like many other blogs, I tried to come up with some sort of schedule to better focus my posts and help anyone (Bueller?) who is still following know when to check in.  This doesn’t mean that I’ll be posting every day, but when I do I’ll stick to the preselected topic for the day.  Weekends, should I manage to awaken from my drunken slumber, are a free-for-all.
Finally, though I do want and hope some will continue to follow me and others might join, I realized that I need to do this for myself.  The practice of writing is something I crave to get back into. I need this outlet and it’s cheaper than therapy :)