Thursday, August 27, 2009

But what about calling the electronic highway “Data Zoomy Land”?

The other day BusinessWeek created a list of 12 outdated tech terms deemed to get you a workplace paddling if used or at least give cause to have the nearest teenager roll their eyes. I feel a little guilty that the other day when explaining what our computer tutor does to an inquiring patron, I mentioned that “learning how to surf the web” was part of the instruction session. However, I do think that specifying long distance versus local calls is still somewhat relevant since we occasionally have sneaky patrons trying to make out of state calls from our desk phone.

This post was brought to you by my 1200 baud modem.
Beep boop.


  1. Thank goodness at least the term "Teh IntarWebs" is still allowable!

  2. jus sayin, hi. since you done dere linkyed to my bloggohood. .....sorry, about the weird talking, but I'm really hungry but I can't eat these cheese crackers because they'll ruin my dinner, so I ate some candy and now my blood sugar is all loopy...... but thanks for linking to me. it seems so lonely on blogs these days with everyone going to Twitter because it's so much easier to just post links to stuff and you don't really have to comment because, oh, 140 characters already, so there isn't that burden to be clever; you just need to be informative or supportive of others' tweets. did you post to, yet? (the anti-twitter) I thought blogging was the anti-twitter. anyway, cheers. be a good librarian.

  3. Funny about the local v. long distance: we have the same policy, so I always ask kids "is it a local call?" when they ask to use the desk phone. Many times they proceed to dial something with a different area code, so I say, "sorry, that's a long distance call." Their reply is always "no it's not, it's a cell phone." It is quite possible that many kids raised with cell phones really don't grasp the concept of long distance calls and area codes.

  4. @The.Effing.Librarian - no I hadn't even heard of, but I think it's a funny response to the madness that is Twitter.