Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crazy delicious

One thing I admire about some of the blogs I follow is their seemingly effortless ability to combine a wide range of topics from fashion to decorating to pictures of their cat sleeping in odd places to recipes. While I'm not that great of a cook, (I'm sadly more of a follow the directions on the box type) I do like looking at pictures of food and imagining that I might someday follow that recipe of "Open Faced Apple Pie." So I thought I might share a "recipe" of my own to mix it up a bit, one that came about shortly after I moved in and had not a lot of groceries:

serves one (unless you make a whole bunch, but that's your biz)

2 whole wheat Harris Teeter brand Eggo Waffles (they don't have to be Harris Teeter, but I find the store brand to be much cheaper and I use whole wheat because I think it sounds healthier than the regular waffles).
1 tbsp peanut butter (I like Healthy Choice's smooth peanut butter, because it tastes good and I like that it is using the word healthy again).

- Place the 2 waffles on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 425F for 7 minutes then manually flip the waffles over for another 7 minutes (I don't own a toaster, so I usually do this step right out of the shower, then have time to put my clothes on before it's time to take them out).
- Spread the peanut butter on the waffles, then stack the waffles one on top of the other to make a waffle sandwich. Because the waffles are hot, it will make the peanut butter a bit melty, but it's good.
- Serve immediately and store waffle sandwich in your stomach.


  1. Oh man that sounds awesome! Have you ever tried icecream + waffles? So freakin' good! I used to eat these all the time in college.

  2. I can't really cook so I just slather them in Nutella and call it "Gourmet" because it's Italian.

  3. @HM - never ice cream and waffles, but I guess it makes sense with the whole "waffle cone" thing. I've always wanted to do chicken and waffles, but now ice cream and waffles has suddenly become more appealing.

    @Bibliotecher - Nutella, that's a good idea too.