Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...where have you been?

Ok, so I haven't posted anything since Halloween, but that doesn't mean I've gone the way of our microfiche reader or electronic typewriter to the big storage unit in the sky! If 2010 ended up with being a crappy year, then 2011 was the turd storm that followed. Lots of lovely things happened that involved the fun of moving to an apartment that had constant heat/AC problems, unknowingly letting a complete sociopath into my life, and an emergency room visit. I also experienced for the first time in my life the excitement of projectile vomit! All things said, it was not my finest hour...

But now we have the clean slate of 2012 to look forward to or to go for broke and screw up even more. Either way, I'm hoping to start posting again regularly (I would prefer a couple times a week, if not then weekly) and I realize I did this little mea culpa last year in January, but my eyes were clouded with the bright rays of optimism that things were perking up. This year I have no such problem, I've got my goggles strapped on and I know what I'm getting into. Or at least I *think* I know.

To start this year off with a bang this morning (what? You mean you don't have to work on this federal holiday? Lucky you!) we were greeted by a couple boxes of donations that considerately included already colored in coloring books and solved mazes.


  1. More entries! You should do what I’m doing this year and make very specific resolutions that are more like goals. Like “Post twice a week, every week.” I’ve found that in the past, resolutions like “exercise more” and “read more” have never worked for me because they’re so general. You don’t even know if you’ve accomplished them or not. So this year mine are "Exercise for one hour on 200 days" and "read one book a month."

    I saw someone left a Christmas tree in my library's parking lot. How nice of you librarians to dispose of them!

  2. hi, hope you do get to write a little bit more. Your lines always remind me of the fun surroinding the world of books

    best of vibrations for this new year

  3. Thanks folks!
    I would like to say I will try to post every Monday...though I already missed that by a day :/

    Maybe I'll think about doing Fridays, as the day is usually quiet. Keep checking back!