Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trending Topics: Job Security for realz, this one has Secret Service agents involved

Last year I posted a job announcement for a "wine librarian," today I post one for being the Commander in Chief's librarian. That's right, Obam-arian! 

I'm trying to imagine myself saying, "Mr. President, I was able to locate that book with the blue cover you were searching for," or him swiveling around in his chair (yes, I know he's not a Bond character) and request that I brief him on how to download a book on his iPad -- oh, and fix the jam in the copier too...

I browsed the requirements and was like, "yes...yes...me also...me totally..." and then of course come the more important stuff like having specialized experience such as General Schedule grade equivalent salary, dealing with federal acquisitions and procuring government contracts.  You know, the stuff that would be key factors to obtaining such a high profile job, not advising him on what to read next.

So while I'm one DC metro librarian who won't be applying for this cool gig, those who are interested will need to get their act together since the position closes today.  Until Obama is interested in finding out what the book club selection will be this month, I'll just be over in the corner pretending that I scored that wine-o job and giving sassback to that copier.


  1. Barack knows his way around a library. I bet Biden is the one who would need all the help.

  2. Wow, this looks like an awesome job. It would be fun just to be able to shush the President of the United States :)

    That wine librarian position looked awesome too, I remember when you posted that I was very tempted to apply. It wasn't far from where I live.

    There was also an archives position for the Grateful Dead library. That would have been a sweet gig too, if you can handle the constant smell of patchouli :)

  3. You should've applied for that wine librarian position!

    Special libraries have always interested me, a couple years ago when I was looking for a job I came across an ad for a librarian for the NRA. The possible challenge of doing my job as a librarian to the best of my abilities while working at a place I didn't necessarily agree with would be interesting.

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