Monday, August 9, 2010

What is it that you do?

No one likes to be pestered about what they do at work all day, but if it's coming from your boss it can't be a good thing.

We've been having regular staff meetings lately do deal with the downsizing of staff and some of the new job roles we've had to take on as no one new is going to be hired under our current budget. Today I met with someone from admin to go over what it is I do exactly, and while I felt good about the meeting going in, I wasn't feeling to great about it afterward.*

Big Boss: It says here that you run the Night Knitter's group on Tuesday nights?
Me: Well, I don't really run it, I mean I don't knit, I'm not like, the presenter.
Big Boss: You aren't the presenter? But it's still your program, right?
Me: It's not really an official library program, it's more like a community group. I mean, I book the room for them, I help...uh organize it.
Big Boss: You help advertise it?
Me: Uh, I put their meeting notices on the bulletin board.
Big Boss: (looks grim, writes something in file folder) Now, I read that you input all of the program descriptions into the computer - that's impressive!
Me: Yeah...actually, everyone types in their own program descriptions but I go through and "lock" each item when they're finished.
Big Boss: Oh, so you proofread what they enter?
Me: Usually, if I have time. But normally we cut and paste from previous events, like the storytimes for example, so nothing changes. It doesn't really need to be proofread.
Big Boss: So why doesn't everyone lock their own description? Why do they need you to do it for them?
Me: Uh...I guess they usually forget?
Big Boss: (writes something in file folder)
Me: Oh yeah, I also update the library Facebook page!
Big Boss: (avoids eye contact, writes something in file folder)

Yeah, it was that painful. Despite the fact that I spend several hours at my desk doing real work, after this meeting I felt that it would be perfectly justified to fire my ass because from this info session it sounds like I might just be sitting there picking my nose and playing Farmville.

*Specific details have been changed to protect certain individuals. (ahem, me)


  1. (no comments? this was a great post!) seriously, I never knew you were such a sucky librarian. wow, you don't even put in the copier paper? or empty the pencil sharpener? what the hell good are you? you're as good as gone. :( ...that's like when I say I take the 95-100 programs that get emailed to me each month and reformat them so they are consistently fonted and spaced for publishing on our website... woo-hoo! you can't teach a monkey to do that! (Oh, you can. And you did. Damn.)

  2. We had those types of meetings last year, fun times. "Social Network Specialist I" eh? Sounds fancy.

    But yeah, speaking of problems, what's this I hear about you having problems with your TPS reports?

    What's up with that? Didn't you get that memo?

  3. @Effing - oh yeah, I totally forgot that I'm the one that runs around and checks all the copiers and printers for paper in the morning. Amazingly enough, the mornings I don't work or am off, no one else does this very difficult chore. That will save me!

    @Bibliotecher - I like "Social Network Specialist I," I'll have to remember that one.
    I also put all memos directly into my file cabinet, aka the trash can.

  4. It's awful that doing a kickass job at the ref desk is not enough any more. I'm sorry you had to be a contestant in that crappy game show "Justify Your Existence."

  5. Shushie, your blog rocks and reminds me of where I work. I love to read other library blogs! I'm adding yours to my links page.

  6. Thanks, I like reading other library blogs too and will add yours to my list.