Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ima bout to go ape poopy up in here

With each season we change the desktop pictures on our reference desk stations. This picture is the background for one of the ref desk computers nows:

Today I had to explain to a coworker (one who often likes to change the desktop photo to something weird (not weird cool either, weird like wha???)) that this photo of an adorable baby duck was the only thing keeping me from murdering everyone in the building. Then he walked away.


  1. I thought you had given up on this blog since it has been so long. Glad to see you're still writing it.

  2. I used to photoshop one specific coworker's head on random pictures and set all of the backroom desktop backgrounds to it each week. That is until he got all pissy when I put his head on The Village People... Seriously though, YMCA mfer!
    What a punk... but hey, at least it's a fowl and not a feline???

  3. A fellow librarian and part time pin-up model? Um...will you be my friend? :)

  4. I thought I'd replied to this, but I guess not.

    Had not given up on blog, have just been having a very busy, unfun life :/ Am trying to get back into posting regularly.

    I would love to photoshop coworkers heads onto different things! And I will be Sith Librarian's friend -- but no funny business *adjusts library specs*