Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer reading, my most favorite reading time of the year...

Photo courtesy Awful Library Books

Yesterday was the official kickoff for our summer reading program and we were busier than a Columbian drug den. Here is a sampling of the questions I very helpfully redirected:

Elderly Couple: Can you tell us how to use our Nook?

Forgetful Teen Boy: I was reading this book and I didn't finish it, can you help me find it? It wasn't at this library, it was my school's library but I had to return it. I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a boy with a dad and the cover was light green.

Older Mom Wearing Teen Daughter's Clothes: Where are your books on murder?

Middle-Aged Snooty Guy With a Purple Tie: Where might I find books on Pablo Picasso...the artist.

Teen Girl With Gum: Tell me what books my school wants me to read over the summer and then give them to me or put them on hold.

Lazy Mom: It says for the adult summer reading program I have to read 5 books and write reviews -- do they have to be adult books? Can't I just review the picture books I read to my toddler?

Man on Phone: I'm looking at the catalog on my computer and there's a DVD I want. What does it mean when the status says "unavailable"?

Woman on Phone: If the program is already full can I still register my child for it?

Frantic Woman: Has anyone turned in an iPhone?

Angry Lady With Braids: Can you tell that man to stop sneezing?

Old Lady With Hearing Problem:
My friend says all of her books and CDs come to her house and she never has to come to the library. How can I sign up for that?

Buff Dad With Woman's Voice:
Why are the magic books for adults not checked in?

Creepy Guy Who Has Been Warned For Looking at Porn: I want more time on internet station #4.

Little Girl With No Adult Supervision:
Show me the books!

We had over 2,000 people come through the library in eleven hours. Today has only been slightly quieter.


  1. This post is SO amazing and hilarious, thank you!

  2. The start of SRP this year kicked my ass. There has never been a better reason to drink... and drink...

  3. Ahh the quirky library patrons. I think that's what I miss the most about working in a public library. Middle Aged Snooty Guy with Purple Tie made me laugh.

    I remember this pudgy middle aged guy checked out a Harlequin Romance novel. It was from the "Tales of the Sea" series, where lonely women fall in love with...mermen. Or something. It was really awkward scanning that while trying not to make eye contact.