Monday, February 11, 2013

Overheard @ The Info Desk: The Public Needs Help

A short man with shoulder length silver hair and a cowboy-styled mustache approaches the information desk:

Greystache: I can't seem to find any books about the materials needed to build a labyrinth.

Me: (tries to wipe the judgmental "uhhhh..?" off my face as I preform a search) I'm not finding anything in our collection either.  We have the movie Labyrinth, a book about Labyrinth fish, and another book titled Dating Again: A Labyrinth of Choices.

Greystache: Is the movie about building labyrinths?

Me: No, it's an 80's David Bowie movie with some muppets.

Greystache: You mean you don’t have any books on the subject?

Me: No books, would you like me to try searching our databases for--

Greystache:(interrupting and shaking his head) I’m shocked.  Frankly I’m shocked

Exit Greystache.


  1. And yet again, further evidence that databases are just not the same as books (though I bet there's some niche publication devoted solely to labyrinth building).

  2. Creepy. Sounds like a Joseph Fritzl wannabe. You could've recommended the book Room.

  3. doesn't matter what a labyrinth is made of! The only defining characteristic is that it's basically a maze! Or is he trying to reconstruct a particular one? This is going to drive me crazy...