Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ok, so I have a totally embarrassing confession to make: since July I've been working with my brother on our own classic literature retelling with monsters. And if that wasn't awkward enough, I've been beaten to the humiliating punch with nearly the same concept!
A little while back my brother and I started discussing how all the classics with zombies were going to be lame (as a side note, I'm trying to get through Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters right now (shudder)) and we came up with Little Werewolf Women. I read the original in late elementary school and thought I had better brush up on it, but also I thought I should really engross myself in all things werewolf so I've been researching and rewriting things for three months now. Then just yesterday evening my brother breaks the news that some equally bored but much faster person named Porter Grand has already sold the idea to Del Ray books as Little Women and Werewolves. *howls*
I can at least say that the plots were different and ours was much more interesting sounding with us making the little women themselves the werewolves, trying to cope with the Civil War era life in addition to a deep desire to eat their neighbors. I was even going to have Beth killed by a silver bullet!


  1. Your version sounds much more interesting.

    Don't neglect the Pratchett werewolves.

  2. Bummer! I guess you could try it from a different direction and rewrite Dracula as a Jane Austen novel. The Count could fret about his family's income from their land and some governess could fret about the prospect of not marrying well.

  3. I'll probably just go back to writing my novel, the one were I write about all my annoying coworkers in a "fictionalized" setting.