Friday, February 26, 2010

There are no stupid questions, but...

Sometimes the questions that come in from our virtual reference service are amusing, but on days when the phone is ringing off the hook, people need help with using the computer or looking items up I just want a feature on the inbox that deletes certain questions or maybe a virtual hand to smack the senders into their senses.

Message: My history teacher brought up a person that was the only first guy that they cannot prove isn't a socerer. She said his name is Rass Putin. Do you happen to have any books referring to or about this person?

Message: It says there are 5 books lost. What are the 5 books?
Note: This user did not leave their name or library card number and the return email address bounced.

Message: Hi, I'm looking for any books that would help me with my topic for my science fair project. Also, is there any information on other studies that have been done by other scientists that would make good science fair projects? ~ Thanks! Reagan

Answer: To all of the above: Ahhhh!


  1. Could the writer possibly have meant Russ Putin, Vladimir's less successful younger brother?

  2. Possibly. I just wonder what lesson the other kids in that class walked away with that day. And I'm hoping it was grade school.

  3. Bet it was a masters program at a major collage(Shudder) ya'll really need tasers for people like this when they come into the Lib in person